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Honeycomb VOC Removal Catalyst

  • Honeycomb Anti-chlorine Honeycomb VOC Catalyst
Honeycomb Anti-chlorine Honeycomb VOC Catalyst

Honeycomb Anti-chlorine Honeycomb VOC Catalyst

  • Chemical Synthesis
  • High Decomposition Efficiency
  • High Quality
  • Safe And Reliable
  • Product description: MINSTRONG Honeycomb Anti-chlorine Honeycomb VOC Catalyst can be used to treat a variety of VOC gases. It has the advantages of low wind resistance, high decomposition efficiency, safety and non-toxici
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Product Introduction

The Minstrong Honeycomb Anti-chlorine Honeycomb VOC Catalyst has strong resistance to chlorine-containing organic gas and high catalytic activity, and can be widely used in the catalytic treatment of chlorine-containing organic waste gas.


  • ● Paint spray room with organic gas purification
  • ● Kitchen oil fume small molecule organic gas purification
  • ● Purification of volatile organic pollutants in public places such as smoking rooms and stations
  • ● Purification of organic pollutants in production workshops such as electronics factories and food factories
  • ● Purification of volatile organic pollutants in petrochemical, chemical and other process gases

Product parameters

The Minstrong Honeycomb precious Metal VOC Removal Catalyst

Name Honeycomb Anti-chlorine Honeycomb VOC Catalyst Brand MINSTRONG
Effective Constituent 50 ~ 60g / L active loading Types Honeycomb
Low-temperature catalytic oxidation 200 ~ 450 ℃ High conversion rate > 95%, no secondary pollution
Good stability Service life> 8500 hours Excellent resistance to chlorine strong resistance to chlorine, chloropropene <200mg / m3
Note: Catalyst specification parameters can be customized according to requirements.

Packing & Delivery

General Packing: 25 KG/30 KG in iron barrel with moisture-proof plastic bag inside, Packing based on user's needs. For quantity below 2 tons, Minstrong can deliver the Ozone Destruction catalyst within 7 days. Shipping Port: Shanghai/other port as request Air transportation, ocean transportation, railway transportation and truck transportation are available.

The Minstrong Honeycomb VOC Removal catalyst

Technical Support

  • ● Minstrong can provide you with professional catalyst application consultation, and design a reasonable exhaust gas treatment solution based on Minstrong's high-performance catalyst
  • ● Minstrong can guide you in the design of process and equipment for free
  • ● Minstrong can provide you with the construction of test equipment, as well as the design, manufacture and installation of supporting catalytic reactors
  • ● Minstrong can provide you with on-site catalyst loading and debugging guidance

Questions You May Care About

How do I determine the specification and dosage of the catalyst?

According to your working conditions, we can select catalysts with appropriate specifications and calculate reasonable dosages

How can I compare the cost of catalyst?

Catalysts are not consumable materials, and are generally calculated according to volume. It is necessary to calculate the comprehensive cost of catalysts based on important factors such as specific gravity, catalytic efficiency, and service life, and at the same time assess the technical and service capabilities of suppliers to prevent after-sales risks

What should I do if I don’t know how to use the catalyst?

We will design a reasonable process flow according to your working conditions, and provide you with one-stop services such as catalyst selection, test plan formulation, device design and manufacture, and on-site commissioning.

How can I contact Minstrong?

Whatapp & Wechat: +8618142685208
Mobile: 0086-18142685208
Skype: ppxxm0417